Who are the Afghan Newcomers?

This self-paced course offers an introduction to cultural awareness for providers supporting Afghan newcomers to the U.S. It reviews the events that have led to Afghanistan’s current refugee crisis; elaborates on the social and cultural characteristics that distinguish this population from other migrant groups in the United States; describes how to engage with these newcomers in a respectful and culturally sensitive manner; and names misconceptions and expectations newcomers may have. In this course, you will work your way through a learning pathway linking together interactive e-learning content, short videos, and downloadable resources. Case studies based on real-world scenarios are integrated throughout, and quizzes will test your knowledge as you proceed. This course will benefit all resettlement service providers working with incoming Afghan newcomers, particularly providers who are new to supporting Afghan clients. It is also relevant to anyone interested in helping to facilitate Afghans’ transition to life in the U.S. It will take approximately 60 minutes to complete. You may pause and return to your place in this course at any time without losing your progress. After finishing this self-paced course, you will earn a certificate of completion.